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«   Periodicals are delivered strictly on schedule; the managers responsible for the subscription campaign are attentive and polite »
D.A. Sviridov, managing director of the branch
Branch of Intrastbank (OJSC) in Voronezh,

Customer Testimonials

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  • Arkhangelsk, Institute of Management, Ponomaryova M.M., head of the library
    The institute values professional qualities of Ural-Press employees
  • Astrakhan, the State Duma of the Astrakhan Region, A.B. Klykanov, chairman of the State Duma of the Astrakhan Region
    The easy and fast subscription procedure, flexible system of prices, timeliness of delivery – these are the main characteristics of the operation of Ural-Press Region LLC
  • Barnaul, Altai State University, G.A. Trushnikova, director of the scientific library
    Prompt solution of problems and willingness of the directors and managers to meet the customer halfway make the prospects for our further cooperation highly attractive.
  • Chelyabinsk, Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant, L.F. Bauer, head of the scientific and technical library
    In any weather, at any time - quickly, professionally and affordably
  • Chita, Administration of the Zheleznodorozhny District of Chita, F.Kh. Gizatulin, Head of the regional administration
    Subscription and receiving periodicals turned into pleasure due to you
  • Ekaterinburg, Administration of the Plenipotentiary of the RF President in the Ural Federal District, B. Kirillov, assistant to the Plenipotentiary of the RF President
    The agency proved itself as a business company placing priority on the quality of delivery of periodicals
  • Ekaterinburg, Ekaterinburg Branch of Gazprombank, OJSC, A.V. Vazhenin, deputy managing director
    The agency is notable for its understanding of needs and objectives of each customer, simple requirements for completion of documents, which give an advantage to the agency on the market for similar services, flexibility of payments, punctuality and promptness of delivery of periodicals.
  • Ekaterinburg, Library of the Head of Ekaterinburg, Director N.N. Lakedemonskaya
    Well-organized and convenient procedure for subscription to periodicals, assistance in making consolidated orders, flexible system of prices, daily delivery without delay, attention to the customer’s recommendations, high professionalism of the agency’s employees.
  • Ekaterinburg, RF Federal Migration Service Directorate for the Sverdlovsk Region, V.V. Pribavkin, head of the Department
    The agency demonstrated itself as a professional and reliable partner impeccably performing its contractual obligations.
  • Ekaterinburg, Rostelecom, OJSC, G.V. Chernavtsev, director of the Ural Branch
    We appreciate the high quality of provided services and responsible attitude towards the business
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