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«   We would like to point out the high-quality service in the subscription formalities and timely delivery of the periodicals by your employees. »
Minister G.N. Shvetsova
Ministry of Education and Science of the Mari El Republic,

For Publishing houses

Dear Partners!

I have been with Ural-Press for nineteen years and communication with our partners – publishers is an essential part of my work. Most of them wrestle with the same question: "What should we do to increase subscription to our periodical?" Each time I gave the same answer: "First of all, you should make sure that your periodical is of high quality and of use to your prospective subscribers". Unfortunately, many publishers do not think much of this answer, seeing it as commonplace and too obvious, but believe me: No marketing campaigns and promotional events can help roll out the periodical unwanted by the subscriber. If you have a clear idea about the target readership and the purpose of your magazine, about its competitive advantages over its rivals, you have won have the battle.

We know that in our country the relationship between publishers and distributors are often quite knotty. In contrast to retailers who often perceive the publishing producer as a source of profit and, selling shelf space to the publisher, they, in fact, act as exhibition rather than trading companies, we, the Ural-Press Group of Companies, look at all publishers as at our partners. We have the common goal – to increase the number of subscribers of Russian periodicals both at home and worldwide.

Sales promotion programs that we offer publishers will help boost the success of your magazine.

The direct contract signed with our agency will give an advantage of discounted services in promotion of your periodical and:

you will be able to publish additional information in the catalog;
you will have your periodical mailed to subscribers of other magazines thematically similar to your magazines;
our agency will deliver your periodical to your subscribers.

I am sure that our cooperation will facilitate the positive dynamics of the circulation of your periodical and will result in an increased number of subscribers of the Ural-Press agency.

Truly yours,
Konstantin Astafiev
General Director

Ural-Press Group of Companies


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