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«   Prompt solution of problems and willingness of the directors and managers to meet the customer halfway make the prospects for our further cooperation highly attractive. »
G.A. Trushnikova, director of the scientific library
Altai State University,

Customer Testimonials

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  • Arkhangelsk, Institute of Management, Ponomaryova M.M., head of the library
    The institute values professional qualities of Ural-Press employees
  • Astrakhan, the State Duma of the Astrakhan Region, A.B. Klykanov, chairman of the State Duma of the Astrakhan Region
    The easy and fast subscription procedure, flexible system of prices, timeliness of delivery – these are the main characteristics of the operation of Ural-Press Region LLC
  • Barnaul, Altai State University, G.A. Trushnikova, director of the scientific library
    Prompt solution of problems and willingness of the directors and managers to meet the customer halfway make the prospects for our further cooperation highly attractive.
  • Chelyabinsk, Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant, L.F. Bauer, head of the scientific and technical library
    In any weather, at any time - quickly, professionally and affordably
  • Chita, Administration of the Zheleznodorozhny District of Chita, F.Kh. Gizatulin, Head of the regional administration
    Subscription and receiving periodicals turned into pleasure due to you
  • Ekaterinburg, Administration of the Plenipotentiary of the RF President in the Ural Federal District, B. Kirillov, assistant to the Plenipotentiary of the RF President
    The agency proved itself as a business company placing priority on the quality of delivery of periodicals
  • Ekaterinburg, Ekaterinburg Branch of Gazprombank, OJSC, A.V. Vazhenin, deputy managing director
    The agency is notable for its understanding of needs and objectives of each customer, simple requirements for completion of documents, which give an advantage to the agency on the market for similar services, flexibility of payments, punctuality and promptness of delivery of periodicals.
  • Ekaterinburg, Library of the Head of Ekaterinburg, Director N.N. Lakedemonskaya
    Well-organized and convenient procedure for subscription to periodicals, assistance in making consolidated orders, flexible system of prices, daily delivery without delay, attention to the customer’s recommendations, high professionalism of the agency’s employees.
  • Ekaterinburg, RF Federal Migration Service Directorate for the Sverdlovsk Region, V.V. Pribavkin, head of the Department
    The agency demonstrated itself as a professional and reliable partner impeccably performing its contractual obligations.
  • Ekaterinburg, Rostelecom, OJSC, G.V. Chernavtsev, director of the Ural Branch
    We appreciate the high quality of provided services and responsible attitude towards the business
  • Ekaterinburg, Severnaya Kazna Bank, OJSC, S.V. Kuroptev, deputy chairperson of the Board
    We are looking forward to our further cooperation
  • Ekaterinburg, Verkh-Iset Metallurgical Plant, OJSC, I.N. Slukina, administrator
    The agency is notable for its understanding of needs and objectives of each customer, high ethical standards of communication, payment flexibility, punctuality and promptness of delivery of periodicals.
  • Irkutsk, Irkutsk Regional Clinical Hospital, G.A. Konyaeva, head of the medical library
    Please, accept my sincere gratitude to your agency for timely delivery of the mail, for your punctuality and exactness
  • Ivanovo, Arbitration Court of the Ivanovo Region, A.V. Makarov, chairperson of the court
    Employees of the agency are professional; promptly respond to any comments and requests, demonstrating politeness, attention, competence and knowledgeably in communication.
  • Kemerovo, Regional Office of the Federal Service of State Statistics for the Kemerovo Region, S.M. Grigoriev, director
    The agency proved itself as a dependable and professional partner
  • Kirov, Kirov State Medical Academy, M.A. Ratushnaya, head of the library
    Each half of a year the company offers the widest selection of periodicals at reasonable subscription prices.
  • Krasnodar, Centralized Library System, E.A. Miroshnichenko, director
    All our recommendations for order breakdown by our branches are fulfilled
  • Krasnoyarsk, KZSK OJSC, A.M. Kovaleva, head of the archive
    We are thankful for professionally and well-organized services in subscription and delivery of the periodicals.
  • Lipetsk, Department of Finances, M.M. Usenko, head of the direct bank, BPO
    I would like to express my gratitude for trustworthiness, punctuality and exactness in delivery of correspondence
  • Moscow, 1C Firm, I.A. Ulyanova, deputy director
    During all our cooperation, the agency provides efficient and timely delivery of periodicals
  • Moscow, Almaz-Antey, OJSC, General Director V.V. Neskorodov
    Having entrusted this agency with our subscription to periodicals, we found a reliable and professional partner respecting its obligations under the contract.
  • Moscow, Central Bank of Russia, A.M. Chumachenko, deputy director
    The agency is notable for the flexible system of prices, simplicity of completion of subscription documents and exactness in financial documents
  • Moscow, Gazprom Neft, OJSC, S.V. Droganova, head of the Department for Documentation Support
    Ural-Press proved itself as a reliable provider of services in subscription and delivery of periodicals
  • Moscow, Museum of the Moscow Kremlin, O.V. Dmitriyeva, deputy general director for development of public awareness and promotion of the museum
    The employees of Ural-Press proved themselves as reliable, responsible and punctual service providers.
  • Moscow, Scan Global Logistics, Financial Director Natalia Gudilova
    The company repeatedly proved its high qualification and proficiency in servicing of complex orders
  • Nizhny Novgorod, Gazprom, OJSC, , S.N. Kadin, head of the Department of Technical Documentation
    The agency’s operation is characterized by high professionalism of employees who are very responsible and welcoming
  • Nizhny Tagil, Sverdlovsk Railway – branch of Russian Railways, I.V. Olshanskaya, head of the technical information department
    Ural-Press understands and takes into account the specifics of the railway company, its territorial spread
  • Novorossiysk, Municipality hero-city Novorossiysk, V..I. Sinyagovsky, Head of the Municipality hero-city Novorossiysk
    We are grateful for long-term support o the city festival-competition "Novorossiysk is a reading city".
  • Omsk, Russian Correspondence Institute of Textile and Light Industry, L..I. Andriyanova, acting director of the branch
    The manager and freight forwarders are very good-natured, polite and attentive
  • Oryol, Oryol Regional Council of People’s Deputies, L.S. Muzalevsky, chairperson
    Timely and high-quality delivery of newspapers and periodicals evidences high professionalism of the team.
  • Penza, Penza City Administration, O.V. Khramtsov, head of the Administration and Procurement Department
    High quality of the provided services, professionalism, trustworthiness, caring attitude.
  • Perm, Uralkali, OJSC, Technical Library, N.V. Milovanova, head of the technical library
    Uralkali has relationships with Ural-Press-Perm in subscription to periodicals. Over the period of cooperation the agency proved repeatedly its qualification and understanding specifics of services for complex orders
  • Petrozavodsk, Department of the S. Petersburg – Murmansk Highway, N.M. Pyregova, chief accountant
    Minimum time for completion of the documents
  • Rostov-on-Don, Legislative Assembly of the Rostov Region, S. Solovyov, head of the MTO Department
    I would like to express deep gratitude to your employees for very professional work
  • Rostov-on-Don, Rostov Regional Organization of War Veterans, G.V. Molodchenko, chairperson
    Our cooperation started 2 years ago. Over this time the delivery has been always on time
  • S. Petersburg, Baltika Breweries, OJSC, I.M. Lapin, head of the technical secretariat
    I would like to point out caring attitude and efficiency of the company employees.
  • Samara, Samara State University of Railway Transport, Romanova V.M., director of the scientific and technical library
    We are grateful for proper and punctual performance of the obligations
  • Saratov, British American Tobacco-STF, OJSC, General Director Basov A.V.
    The delivery is on schedule and the company employees are always ready to help in solving problems
  • Smolensk, Smolensk Department of Sberbank of Russia, Managing Director V.P. Yefimov
    Over the past year we were able to understand the advantages of the simple and convenient subscription procedure with Ural-Press
  • Tambov, Tambov City Duma, Head of Tambov A.V. Kondratiev
    Long-term and quality work contributed to alternative distribution of printed periodicals in Tambov.
  • Tver, Municipal institution of culture, E.P. Baranova, director of the library
    Our gratitude for timely delivery of periodicals
  • Ufa, Department for Emergencies, Director Lyutov B.G
    High level of employees’ professionalism
  • Vladivostok, Central Scientific Library, T.N. Mikhailyuk, director
    Saving of budgetary funds is a significant advantage of subscription through Ural-Press Vladivostok
  • Volgograd, Volgograd City Administration, R.G. Grebennikov, Head of Volgograd
    We are grateful to employees of Ural-Press Volgograd, LLC, for rewarding and efficient cooperation!
  • Voronezh, Branch of Intrastbank (OJSC) in Voronezh, D.A. Sviridov, managing director of the branch
    Periodicals are delivered strictly on schedule; the managers responsible for the subscription campaign are attentive and polite
  • Voronezh, City Clinical Hospital of Emergency Medical Aid No. 10, E.A. Nazarenko, principal doctor
    ...we are thankful to the Ural-Press agency of subscription and delivery of periodicals for their high-quality workу, consideration and understanding
  • Voronezh, Kosmos-Neft-Gaz, LLC, General Director A.P. Shevtsov
    We are grateful for promptness in resolving of urgent issues
  • Voronezh, Voronezh Regional Council of Trade Unions, A.V. Ovchinnikov, chairperson
    We appreciate high quality and effectiveness of the provided services
  • Yoshkar-Ola, Ministry of Education and Science of the Mari El Republic, Minister G.N. Shvetsova
    We would like to point out the high-quality service in the subscription formalities and timely delivery of the periodicals by your employees.
  • Yugorsk, Gazprom Transgaz Yugorsk, LLC, D.V. Kosachev, head of technical department
    Over the time of cooperation, the agency proved itself as a reliable partner performing its obligations professionally, properly and timely.
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