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Periodical “Noon. 21st century” is no longer published

In November, 2012 we had to bid out last farewell to Boris Strugatsky, a Russian classical science fiction writer and the author of the publishing project "Noon, 21st century". This miscellany featured stories and novels by Russian science fiction writers. Its publication started in May 2002, and during the first five years the miscellany collection was issued every two months. In 2007, the project gained the support from the Vokrug Sveta publishers.
The project was initiated by Boris Strugatsky; therefore, it was decided that the miscellany cannot be published without its creator. In January, the last issue was published and it was prepared when Boris Natanovich was alive; Starting from February, the Vokrug Sveta publishers cancelled all the subscription indexes that included this miscellany.
Reference to the source: http://www.lenizdat.ru/a0/ru/pm1/c-1108873-0.html


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